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Camp Hook/Directions
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Camp Hook is a canine training facility.

Camp Hook is not a doggy daycare, spa, or resort.
We don't know what fancy means!

Dogs who have been through the boot camp program come back to board and refresh their training--kind of a "reboot". While they are here sharpening their skills, they're also an integral part of the training of the current boot campers by demonstrating good manners and showing the "new kids" how things should be done. I will also accept their canine family members for boarding, and occasionally a well mannered dog who is vouched for.

The cost of boarding is $25 per day, starting with the drop off day and including the pick up day.

I accept cash or Venmo from first time clients.

Due to some shockingly crooked folk (yes, I've been called naive), I no longer accept checks from first time clients.

Returning clients may pay with cash, check, Venmo, firstborn children, livestock....

I've also been known to occasionally barter for services and goods, like construction, running water lines, hooking up electricity, heavy yard work, first-born children,etc.

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Every camper has ample daily playtime out of his kennel with compatible dogs, under our watchful eyes. For dogs that don't play well with others, we humans provide the entertainment while we teach them to get along. There are toys galore, and a large pool for warm weather.
Each kennel is shaded and water is replaced daily--more often in hot weather--the dogs don't want to drink warm water anymore than I do. Most love a dip in the pool or playing with the hose. The dogloos have cedar shavings all summer to discourage insect pests.

Don't worry about your dogs getting too cold in the winter--I won't let that happen. The dogloos are stuffed with straw in the cold months and the dogs make themselves a snug nest.

A dog makes it very clear when he's uncomfortable!

I keep 20 crates, mostly XL, set up in my shop, complete with blankets and comforters. When the nighttime temperatures dip too low or severe weather threatens, the dogs have a slumber party in the shop.

I also have jackets for dogs in cold, wet weather if they haven't brought one. You can't tell a dog he can't get out to play just because it's a little blustery for humans!

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Hours of Operation:
Winter hours:
10am-4:30pm for drop offs and pick ups, 7 days a week.

We are closed for drop offs and pick ups on these days:
New Year's Day
Easter Sunday
July 4th
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Current shots and kennel cough vaccine required. Please bring a hard copy of their shot records--the page that shows either when the last shots were given or the next ones are due is all I need, as long as the vet's name and phone number is on the page.

If your dog is taking medications, bring them bagged up with their name and instructions. Please bring Pill Pockets to make their (and my)life easier.

Bring your dog's food in a covered metal or plastic container to discourage critters from thinking this is Golden Corral. Look at the Boot Camp page for pics of containers I've found make raccoons very sad.

Please do not bag meals individually--I tweak amounts according to weather and activity level here.


We also provide horses, chickens, and other livestock to bark at for no extra charge!
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"Can you keep a secret? I hid Rowdy's bone in my kennel!"
Camp hijinks...


Leapin' lizards, Lily!
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The address is 10829 Old Raleigh Wilson Rd., Middlesex, NC 27557.

Your GPS will have no trouble finding it, but just in case:

Directions from Raleigh:

Take the Beltline (440) to the new bypass, Hwy64/264 E/Rocky Mount. It will completely bypass Knightdale and all those traffic lights! Ride that bad boy all the way and it spits you out on Hwy 64.

  • From north and west of Raleigh, get on 540 till it puts you on 64/264E/Rocky Mount.
  • Go past the Wendell exits, and then past the Zebulon exit.
  • The next exit after Zebulon is Five County Stadium/Wilson
  • 264 E. Take this exit.
  • The last exit to take is the Middlesex exit. Turn right at the ramp. Watch the speed limit signs--you know how small towns are!
  • From the (only) traffic light in Middlesex, go 2.4 scenic miles to the split intersection of HWY 231 and Old Raleigh Wilson Rd. After you leave Middlesex, it will be the third left.
  • Please note that Hwy 231 intersects Old Raleigh Wilson Rd., but the two halves of the road are not opposite each other. The first sign for Old Raleigh Wilson Rd. will be to the right--don't take it! Go another couple of seconds and you'll see another Old Raleigh Wilson Rd. sign, and the road to the left. That's the one!
  • Our driveway is .4 miles from the intersection--the second house on the right after you turn. The house number 10829 is on the mailbox, which you now can't see due to a new mailbox having been put up in front of it with a non-sequential number.
  • I put up a green number sign in my driveway, the kind that directs EMS to the house. Gotta do what you gotta do..
  • The famous Camp Hook wagon is at the entrance.
To learn more about Camp Hook send an email to

Or call 252-235-2545 but expect to leave a message--I'm probably outside playing with dogs.


You provide your dog's food, we provide the rest!

Buddy and the Princess Abigail Tsui enjoy a tug.
Big and small, everyone has a blast at Camp!


They provide their own silliness!

Greeting old friends at camp!

Wow! This kid is getting stronger!