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The Trainers

Nancy Hook is a Canine Behavior Specialist. She began working with dogs professionally in 1983, after a lifetime of study of canine behavior and a 10 year career in counseling adolescents and their families in crisis. The two fields have proved to be very similar.
Nancy has titled 4 of her dogs in AKC obedience trials, as well as coaching many of her students to successful competition levels in obedience and conformation. She has competed in terrier trials, assisted in hunting retriever tests, and organizes and evaluates AKC Canine Good Citizen tests.
On the working dog side, Nancy is a Search and Rescue (SAR) K9 Trainer.
She has also worked training law enforcement canines under a Master Trainer. Nancy is trained and certified in K9 Unit Management and as a SAR K9 Training Instructor. She has trained and evaluated water search and wilderness canine/handler teams at seminars in many eastern states.
Since starting in SAR in 1993, Nancy has trained and handled 4 of her own wilderness SAR K9 partners and one cadaver K9. Though retired from search and rescue work, she continues to train scent specific trailing dogs and cadaver dogs (land and water) privately.

Nancy is a past member of the Durham Search and Rescue Team, NC Search and Rescue Dog Assn., Dunn Rescue Squad STAR (Special Tactics and Rescue) Team, and the R.E.D.S.(Rescue, Extrication, Delivery Specialists) Team in Garner, NC, serving on both the search and technical rescue divisions. She is a certified Rescue Technician and a NASAR certified SARTech II, as well as an apprentice falconer with the NC Falconers Guild.


The dogs have taught Joe just where to scratch!
Joe comes from a technical rescue background. He was on the S.T.A.R. team with Dunn Rescue Squad and he is currently with R.E.D.S. out of Garner. Though his expertise is in technical rescue, he has long been support for K9 sar handlers in the field.

He has been working hands-on with dogs for 5 years. He loves the dogs' many different personalities, and his most important pursuits are observing and understanding canine body language and the interaction between dogs. He also lays trails for sardogs and helps build sardogs' victim loyalty with his enthusiasm.

He works hard at improving the safety, efficiency, and appearance of Camp Hook, and has made himself invaluable around here.

"Old dog trainers never die, they just drop on recall!"
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To talk to our trainers
call 252-235-2545.
Or email us at

The trainers for Hook's K9 Training are
Nancy and Lindsay Hook.


Lindsay Hook was born into a dog training life. She was taken to dog training classes from the time she could walk, and was handed a leash (with dog attached) at age two. She learned to socialize puppies, and helped with the Rottie pups Nancy bred, as well as being used by family friends to socialize their litters. By the time she was six years old, she had her own dog to train, and continued to accompany Nancy to all her classes. She showed her Border Terrier in conformation classes and terrier trials, and helped to show and trial the border terriers of friends. She has laid trails for search and rescue dog training since she was seven years old, learning to stay alone in the woods at night, waiting for the K9 to find her and bring the handler in.

She is 28 years old now, and an accomplished trainer. She assists with private training at Camp Hook, and is training her own scent-specific offlead trailing dog, a young Belgian Malinois named Kanani. She also assists in training volunteer sardog handlers and their dogs.

6 year old son, Sean, is following in her footsteps, learning to lay trails, stay hidden for search dogs in training, and helping teach boot campers their manners.


Lindsay and her Belgian Malinois, Kanani, working a trail in the snow.
The Apprentice Trainers
are Brooke Proctor
and Joe Werner.


Brooke and her sardog Wolf
Brooke has been training for 8 years with incredible dedication and committment, and great family support. She's a very hard worker, and never complains, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable the situation is. She has a great sense of humor and has learned to love mud, briars, and a fast dog!

She knew from the beginning (at age 12) that by the time she was old enough to deploy, Wolf would be too old to work. She has made this outstanding effort because she wanted to learn how to train a search dog.

Her reward for the years of training and learning (and scooping poop) is one fantastic working dog, and the ability to go on to train future sardogs of her own and help others get their dogs trained.

If my grandson Sean (my heart) were lost, I would call out Brooke and Wolf before anyone else. That's the faith I have in her and her dog's abilities.

Wolf and Brooke were first certified when Brooke was only 16 years old.

Brooke is in her last year of college at Appalachian State, but still comes back to work with dogs here.